About US

Vietnam is nowadays a potential market with more than 95 million customers who increasingly focus on healthcare and consider seriously the quality and the origin of a product. The country is opening its pharmaceutical market by implying many open policies to attract the investment from foreigner. Meanwhile, many international organizations, mostly small to medium scale companies, often face a big challenge to achieve compliance with local culture as well as local regulatory landscape when wanting to enter to the market.

More than 500,000 different types of medical devices and many new innovative pharmaceutical products being produced globally versus one of the most dynamic market of the South-East region starving for better healthcare services, this could be considered as an optimist opportunity.

about us

Our Vision

We have three sectors: pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and medical devices.

We are committed to be a dynamic distributing company in Vietnam and are dedicated to providing products with high quality standards. Being a connector between Vietnam and the world is what we work up to an efficient way to grow our business.

Our Mission

To bring a range of reliable brands of pharmaceutical products and cosmetic and high-quality medical devices from developed countries to Vietnam and to cooperate with local retail channels to bring those products closer to the end users.


Strong Connection – Sustainable Business

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