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MAI Devices Co.Ltd

MAI Devices Co.,ltd  is an active company specializing in distributing pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and medical devices.

Now, we have a wide distribution network throughout provinces and cities. And, we are also experienced with registration law of Vietnam as well as tender process in public hospitals.

Well understanding the local market, we aim to import products with high quality standard and competitive value to Vietnam, then to develop the brands and to increase brand awareness.

With strong connection, we can build a sustainable business. We would like to help high standard healthcare products more accessible by our people.

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Health care

Pharmaceutical Products

On progress


Medical Devices

Many valuable brands from Europe, Japan, Korea, etc.

We are committed to provide with competitive customer services such as long-term warranty for all products and a variety promotions for membership.


Cosmetic & Supplement

We are seeking for partners who can provide products with reliable origin, good quality and appropriate price.


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